Our Mission

Equipping service companies for a more profitable future

Firm Studio exists to develop high-impact tools that solve long-term challenges for our clients. Bringing together decades of combined experience working alongside tech startups and service companies, we fuse thorough understanding with expert execution to build products that make your business money in the long-run. When you win, we win.

Built to Launch

You have an idea that could change the future of your business. What you need is a team that can bring good ideas to life. Our process is designed to help you solve long-term challenges and create a product that serves your future. We put talk into action and translate concepts into go-to-market realities.
Our Process

Our Team

Roy Keely
Priya David
Product Manager
Eddie Rodriguez
Software Architect
Jenn Franqui
Project Manager
Elijah Knapp
Web Designer
Suzanne Kaufman
Finance Director
Jesse Jones
Outside Counsel
Adrian Valenzuela
Software Developer
Cody Norman
Software Developer
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Help us launch better products

We’re building a team of problem solvers and creative thinkers who take work and life seriously.