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AuditEdge is an operating system for risk auditors and advisors. The product empowers firms to dramatically increase the efficiency of their workflow and implement better standardization.


ShareVia allows you to connect your folders to your clients, vendors, and contractors’ folders even if they use a different cloud service.


Campus Multimedia has deep knowledge of connecting brands with schools to create a better school experience for the community. Years of navigating this space and dreaming big produced SponsorPlace.


ProNovos brings bespoke FP&A tools to construction and sub-contractors. Delivering specialized insights for project profitability that standard accounting packages miss, with construction-specific expertise to decipher complex data.

Simba Technologies

Founded in 2019 by April Stephenson and Katie Simon, Simba uses the power of AI and modern technology to help impact-driven organizations collect and analyze meaningful data. Firm Studio came alongside the Simba team to offer capital, strategic insight, and a new website to usher them into their next phase as a startup.