Launching a dynamic app to help risk auditors and advisors deliver reports faster

UX + UI Design
Front and Backend Development
Product Support
Business Model Coaching
Dashboard mockup
AuditEdge is an operating system for risk auditors and advisors. The product empowers firms to dramatically increase the efficiency of their workflow and implement better standardization.
Creating a compliant app with the capacity to correctly manage a variety of different important documents securely. We had to build with industry standards and legal requirements in mind while trying to maintain an easy-to-use interface.

“AuditEdge has allowed us to double the size of our practice without increasing our team size. We regularly issue our SOC reports within two weeks of fieldwork, have enhanced the quality and consistency of our auditing and reporting, improved team member enjoyment of the audit process, and found new opportunities to delight our clients.”

Bryan Geels - Auditedge
Cofounder, AuditEdge

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