Why Firm Studio

More than just techies,
we’re problem solvers.

Firm Studio is a globally distributed team of specialists in design, development, and business strategy working together to equip businesses with a more profitable future.

Launching game-changing tech products

Our team fearlessly faces your greatest tech challenges to launch custom digital products to drive profits and fix problems.

Writing code without the hassle

We offer a full range of meticulously crafted development solutions. Whether it’s Ruby on Rails, Python, or Node + NextJS, we’ve got you covered.

Building a clickable prototype

Transform your product idea into a clickable prototype that’s ready to code in just 12 weeks.

Strategizing for stronger business

We're dedicated to helping you with everything from business models and strategies, to capital, branding, and sales.

"We are not a volume shop, we are an intentional partner that seeks to change the equation for our clients. What equation? The profit and impact equation."

Roy Keely
Founder, Firm Studio
Roy Keely
Priya David
Product Manager
Grace Barham
Market Lead
Santiago Bertinat
Global Engineering Leader
María Alcaraz
UX and Product Designer
Elijah Knapp
Web Designer
Suzanne Kaufman
Finance Director
Jesse Jones
Outside Counsel
Santiago Calvo
Engineering Lead
Julia Wreyford
Digital Project Manager

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