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Transform your insights into a clickable prototype in only 12 weeks.

Go Lab is a digital product accelerator that pairs 2-3 people from motivated, service company teams with industry experts to develop a clickable prototype.


Cost-effective way to craft the foundation of a product.


Hands-on planning and coaching to get you on your way to an MVP.

7lab leads

Offering input in UI/UX design, product planning, and engineering.


Leave with a clickable-prototype ready to give a development team.

How Firm Studio Go Lab Works


A cost-effective approach to realizing your product's potential


Intensive, hands-on planning and coaching to get you on your way to an MVP

7lab leads

Industry experts offering insight to product planning, UX/UI, and engineering

Go Lab pairs 2-3 project leads from motivated teams with industry experts to transform your digital product idea into a clickable prototype in 12 weeks. We offer in-person and online intensives and coaching sessions to transform your product from whiteboard sketches to the foundation of a web app that's ready for backend development.

"When considering technology partners to help transform our internal application into a market-facing web application, our number one priority (and biggest challenge) was finding a team that felt like an extension of our own. We hit a home run with... the entire Firm Studio team."

Nick Norton, MPAc, CISA
Co-founder, AuditEdge

Equipping service companies for a more profitable future

We build high-quality products for firms whose ideas we believe in.
About Us

Work with a team of qualified experts.

Roy Keely

Short Bio
Roy’s vision for life revolves around two words - commissioning wins. He seeks to do this by coming alongside passionate, smart people to go faster and further when it comes to launching new companies that have their roots in the professional services community.
Area of Expertise
Ideation, Talent Acquisition, Fundraising, Sales
Scaling tech companies and building teams
Years in the Industry

Priya David

Area of Expertise
User Experience, Product Planning, Project Management
Managing design and development teams to get products to launch
Years in the Industry

Santiago Bertinat

Area of Expertise
Software Engineering, Backend Product Logic, Tech Planning
Managing small and large scale product builds for companies worldwide
Years in the Industry

María Alcaraz

Area of Expertise
UX/UI Design, Creative Direction, Branding
Leading teams to launch products with beautiful, logical interfaces
Years in the Industry

"Firm Studio provides great ideas, challenges our thinking, and most importantly accelerated our time to market so that we can scale our business.  Highly recommend.  Execution, execution, execution..."

Shannon Vincent
Co-founder, ReNew Group

Frequently Asked Questions

Not finding the information you need to apply for Go Lab? We have a few detailed answers below.

How much does Go Lab cost?

You pay $6,000 up front and $4,000 upon program completion.

What’s the weekly time commitment?

You and your team should plan to invest 20 hours per week to get the most out of Go Lab. You won’t need this much time every week, but we ask that you open up enough availability to meet the demands of internal brainstorming, intensive collaboration, and ongoing revisions.

Is Go Lab refundable?

No. By enrolling in Go Lab, you’re getting exclusive access to our strategists, designers, and product people. We have to keep our financial commitments to those team members.

Who owns the IP?

You and or your firm do. The organization that is funding your enrollment in Go Lab retains all rights to the prototype and concepts that you build during your time in the program. We won't steal your idea or sell your concept to anyone else.

Where is Go Lab located?

Go Lab is completely virtual. We’ll meet via one-on-one meetings on Zoom and ongoing asynchronous communication.

What do we get from the program?

Hands-on mentorship from product strategists, user experience experts, user interface designers, and software engineers. By the end of 12 weeks you’ll have a clickable prototype of your product built in Figma, ready to send to the development team for build and launch.

How many team members can participate?

We welcome teams of 1-3 people in total. The cost does not differ for varying team sizes. Choose people who can make high-level decisions on your product, but can be available to meet the twenty-hour per week time commitment too.

Who runs Go Lab?

Go Lab is led by Firm Studio, a product studio based in Alpharetta, Georgia. Our team of coaches, located throughout the US and internationally, brings years of industry experience to the table.

Does Go Lab take equity?

Nope! It's all yours. Of course, we may make investments down the road, but our accelerator doesn't have an equity split.

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