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Our Mission and Values

We're a value-driven company and we're on a mission to help your company build better products.
Written by
Roy Keely
Published on
February 14, 2023
Our Mission:

Equipping service companies for a more profitable future

Our Values:

Soul and craft obsessed

We believe that all people have dignity and that the work we do is a meaningful part of how each person is built. While our current culture often frames work as a means to an end, we believe that good work is essential to the health of the human soul.

We take our craft seriously and we do work that reflects our character while supporting our client's dreams and desires. We believe that life at its best builds a healthy integration between our humanity (soul) and our work (craft). The modern parable has lost the vision of meaningful work as an expression of healthy humanity.

When we work with clients, we’re not just looking for firms to write us a check. We’re dedicated to doing work that enhances the life of our team and the people that we work for. We won’t settle for anything less.

Skin in the Game

Roughly 4,000 years ago the king of Babylon, Hammurabi, established the first known set of construction laws:

If a builder builds a house for a man and does not make its construction firm, and the house which he has built collapses and causes the death of the owner of the house, that builder shall be put to death.
If it causes the death of the son of the owner of the house, they shall put to death a son of that builder.

If it causes the death of a slave of the owner of the house, he shall give to the owner of the house a slave of equal value.

If it destroys property, he shall restore whatever it destroyed, and because he did not make the house which he builds firm and it collapsed, he shall rebuild the house which collapsed at his own expense.

If a builder builds a house for a man and does not make its construction meet the requirements and a wall falls in, that builder shall strengthen the wall at his own expense.

How does this apply to our modern workspace? In modern client work it’s easy to check boxes, cut corners, and move on. At Firm Studio, we invest in every product that we build as if our whole future depended on its success. Does this make our work more intense? Perhaps. But it also makes our work infinitely more rewarding than the modern paradigm. If we build a product that doesn’t solve the problem that we set out to solve, our team should feel the consequences of poor decision-making. If we do exceptional work and your product succeeds, we want to reap the benefits of your success.

We’re not seeking easy money. Rather, we’re invested in making quality products for teams that we believe in. We take pride in treating every client project with the same seriousness as any internal idea.

Biased towards action

In a world of many words, we believe in making moves. Theory is nice, but we’re looking to shape a better reality. We believe that the best problem-solving is accomplished not in a board room, but in taking a hands-on approach to seeking solutions.

Better to fail trying than to not try at all. Though occasionally we may have to go back to the drawing board , we are quick to learn from our mistakes. We don’t sell concepts. We build real products.

Austere est Facere! To dare is to do.

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